Friday, June 10, 2011

Tanner's 8th Grade Promotion from Robert Townsend Jr. High

Greg and Grandma Shauna patiently waiting for it to start. It was hot in that gym.

Tanner is moving on up and out of Townsend Jr. High and we all survived those awful Jr. High years. Tanner is a good kid. With just moving here this year I was nervous about the adjustment to a CA school from a MT school. Two opposites. Tanner is definitely the minority here in Chino Hills. There is a huge Asian population here that works to our benefit when it comes to the schools. He is challenged and has some great examples of scholars all around him.
We know Tanner would do well wherever he was, but are glad we're in Chino Hills.

His promotion ceremony was at Ayala High School. Grandma Shauna was able to come. You know how it is, your friends around, we were crampin' his style by making him take pictures with us.

After the ceremony we went to Chili's with the Cullems, Blockers and Grandpa Markham. It was a fun day!