Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Latest...

Just a little update because who knows when the next time is that I'll take the time to update my blog.
We were "completely nuts" again and opened up this store in the Billings Mall. It's a bigger project for me than The Sno Shack was, that's for sure. Isn't it cute though? Many prep hours were put into this little shop to make it look like it does now and it's still a work in progress. Thanks to all the family & friends who have helped along the way. It's definitely taken "A Village", especially since I'm pregnant and worthless in a lot of ways.
But it's open, people are coming, the food is great, and we have great employees which makes my life a little bit easier.
Greg is still working for Rocky Mountain Hospice during the days but spends most nights at the mall hanging a shelf or painting or something of that sort. Our anniversary was last week and I think I might have seen him for 5 minutes. He's working very very hard!
Tanner is "good-a-kid" as he could ever be and I just appreciate him so much for not making my crazy life any crazier. He's so good to Ty and I. Always willing to do whatever. What a great husband/father he'll be!
Ty is getting bigger and bigger by the day and learning a ton of new words. The average person couldn't understand him, but we can, and I guess that's what matters!
The littlest Markham should be here some time in December. My actual due date is December 20th. We're excited for him to join our little family and it'll be nice for Ty to have some company, other than me, during the day.
Life is a little hectic and crazy for us but one thing remains constant, we are extremely blessed and grateful for this completely nutty life we live, and in the end that's what matters most!