Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Isaac's First Hair Cut

I had been holding off on getting Isaac's haircut for as long as I could. Washing Isaac's hair is miserable, brushing it is impossible, and to really brush and style it on Sunday is a fight!
He usually wins, but I try!!
Needless to say, I knew taking him to get a haircut would be a NIGHTMARE!
Oh and it was...It truly was. He kicked, screamed and punched the entire time.
Of course Premier Cuts was having a sale for $6.99 a haircut so their waiting room was packed and it was a show for everyone to see. People were staring as I sat and held his head down while his legs were kicking every which way. He was bright red and sweating, I was sweating. However the poor lady who was cutting his hair was just taking her time, calm as can be. She could have cut his hair for hours. She was in no hurry. How does she do that?
I tipped her $5 bucks. I probably should've tipped her $10.
At the end of the haircut she smiled at him and offered him a lolli-pop. He gave her a dirty look as cussed her up and down. He didn't take her lolli-pop. I'm pretty sure he was telling her where to go. Good thing you can't understand a word he's saying.
Anyway, he gladly took the lolli-pop I offered him on the way out the door.
Oh, Isaac...what am I gonna do with you?

Doesn't he look older now? It's amazing what a haircut can do. It aged him like 6 months!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tanners first day of High School!

Mom, "Tanner Smile :)."
Mom, "Tanner, come on, a nice smile."
Tanner, "Mom, this is so lame, let's go."
Mom, "Tanner, we're not leaving until I get a decent picture"
Not quite shirt that qualifies as a smile. But I'll take it.

Good Luck Bud!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Future Missionary.

I want to be a missionary now.
I don't want to wait until I'm grown.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretend City

Grandma Markham took the boys to Pretend City.  It's this place in Irvine that is literally a "pretend city" for the kids to play at.  There is a grocery store, bank, police dept, beach, dental/doctor office, little houses, fishing, etc.  You name it, they got it.
 Here they are on stage jammin' out.
 Ty spent the majority of his time fishing.
 Isaac loved the hats.
 Trying to steal cars from other innocent little kids.
 Another hat.
Basically Isaac was just not that much fun at pretend city.  It consisted of me running all over "town" trying to keep track of him and making sure he wasn't taking toys away from other kids.
Oh Isaac...
Luckily Uncle Lynn was there and helped out with Ty.

To sum it up:
Pretend City is fun for the kids.  But next time I'll "pretend" I'm sick so I don't have to go chase Isaac around.  Ha! Ha!