Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Isaac is 3 months old!

Isaac is 3 months old. Wow! How did that happen so fast?
He is just talking up a storm. Although Greg said it sounds more like he's singing a country song....Ha! Ha! He's right.
He's playing around now. Grabbing hair, shirts, fingers and whatever
else he can get his hands on.
He loves his brothers. They tend to get the biggest smiles out of him.
He's also laughing a ton. He's very ticklish under his neck (that's if you can reach your hands under there with all the chins he has in the way).
He's just as snuggly and loveable as ever!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just some random pictures I've taken....

Isaac getting out of the tub. He looks so cute when all you can see is his little face. He kinda looks like E.T.
Ty with Elder Tabor and Elder Moore. He always loves when the missionaries are around.
So do we!

Just the boys hangin' out on the couch.

Ty hanging out with Dad...Dad making a cheezy smile because I asked him to smile.

This hat is just so adorable so I had to take a picture of him in it.

Ty wearing Tanner's UTAH hat. Tanner and I had nothing to do with this. He just likes red. What can we say..

Ty loves wearing our shoes around the house.

Greg playing with the little boys.