Friday, June 13, 2008

Tanner has moved on up on in the lunch line...

For some reason I can't make these pictures bigger...
Tanner signing the adoption papers.

Everyone outstide the courthouse afterwards.

So it's official. Tanner has been pushed back in the lunch line. I say that because when I told Tanner he was getting adopted his response was, "Now I'll have to move back in the lunch line." Isn't that funny? The way kids think is so simple.
This was an amazing day! We are so grateful for everyone who was able to come and take part in Tanners adoption ceremony! I'm sad my Dad couldn't be there because I know this meant a lot to him and it was a day he and my mom have been waiting for for a long time! My parents have done so much for Tanner over the years and still continue to now. I'm also sad my sisters couldn't be there :( It's hard having big events like this and not having them here!

I appreciate Judge Bazelle for being able to see the big picture and for allowing Greg to adopt Tanner. I appreciate Grady, our attorney, who spent all the time he did to get this done without charging us a single cent. I appreciate my mom and the brunch that she had afterwards for everyone to enjoy. I realize every night when I say my prayers how much people are constantly serving my little family. I don't know what I continue to do right to be soo blessed???
You know, it didn't take the adoption to make Tanner Greg's son but it's nice to have it official and on paper! I worried how the transition would be with Greg and Tanner after we were married. Tanner wasn't super excited to make our little duo a trio. But with Greg's kindness, sensitivity and goofiness it's worked!
We are a happy little family!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Cute is He?????

Here's an updated picture of Ty. This is us going to Tanners baseball game yesterday. He's smiling now and it's so much fun! He's such a good little guy!