Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of my favorite things

My sister-in-laws both had this watch and I wanted it sooo bad so my cool mother-in-law got me one for my birthday! K-Coolest watch EVER!!!!
It has a heartrate monitor that's attached to it and when you exercise it tells you your heart rate, how many calories you've burned and how long you were in your target heart rate/fat burning zone. I'm telling you, it's great if you exercise! If I was Oprah, I'd buy ya'll one ;)


Reeses Pieces said...

That is cool. I'm definitely gonna need that after this baby is born. I already feel the pounds coming!

KillerBee Brian said...

Sweet! MaraLee's is so cool. If I ran outside ever, I'd want one too. I'm glad you have that. I hope all is well. Tell Tan the Man and Ty the Frenchfrie that I say hi.

natalie said...

Maybe I'll still it while you're sleeping!

KATE said...

If you were Oprah. That was funny!
I love that thing, I might just have to copy you & get one too!!

Oh and I took cookies over to the new people in your old house. I tried to hate them, but they seemed pretty nice. I still miss you tho!! Just tell me it's not the same there without me! (I know that would be lie, but tell me anyway! ~ you know how I don't like people, I still can't believe you left me here! I love you tho!!)

How is it there? I bet it's so beautiful! Are you loving it? tell tell!

Angela, Aaron & Everest said...

Alright I’ll be honest... I wish I could respond and say I’d totally use this to exercise but instead...I’ve chosen to eat my bowl full of Breyers strawberry ice cream every day! Props to you Alyson for being dedicated to exercising!!