Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isaac is 1 month old!

My sister, Nicole, gave me these stickers to put on Isaac every month as he gets older. Here's month number one.
So Isaac is a little high maintenance. But we still love him. He cries and cries every night and we run the vacuum to try and soothe him. Some nights I just stare at the vacuum and wait for it to blow-up. But it's hanging in there, just like us.
Ty still doesn't know what to think about Isaac. I can tell he's mad at me though. I'm no longer his number one choice. He goes directly to Greg. Hurts my feelings sometimes...but things will get back to normal soon, I'm sure.
We love you Issac. Even though you're "rockin' our world". We love ya!


A & A Hooper said...

Switch to the blow-dryer!
It worked for Everest! I knew I could afford a new blow-dryer but NOT a new vacuum! :) Hang in there! It will get better soon!
Miss you guys!