Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skateboarding AKA Gateboarding

Tanner loves when Ty goes outside and skateboards with him.

Ty can't say his SK so he says "Gateboarding". It's pretty cute.

Tanner's new little hobby. I guess we live in the right location for that. He's getting pretty good at it!


A & A Hooper said...

cute little Ty! hey at least he says gateboarding! :) everest is silent but deadly!:) the count down is on... we will be seeing all of you soon!

brittanimae said...

What spectacular boys you have, Alyson--Tanner seems like a fantastic big bro!

Reeses Pieces said...

You're right...you do live in the right city for "gateboarding". I can't wait to see where you live in person...one day! Hopefully Evan and I can take a trip in the spring. Great job on the posting...that's two in two months for you WOW!!! haha.