Monday, February 7, 2011

Tanner has been ordained a Teacher

Last Sunday was a SPECIAL DAY for Tanner.
He was ordained a teacher!
What an awesome kid we have!
Greg and I always talk about how blessed we are to be Tanner's parents.
He's such a kind, funny (yet serious), love-able kid.
We love him so much :)

We are so thankful for all the love and support Tanner receives from family. Lynn, Cerise, Steve and Grandma and Grandpa Markham came for his ordination.
We wish that Grandma Shauna and Grandpa could've been there too!


Reeses Pieces said...

Congrats to Tanner...and to you too for raising a good kid. Gosh not too long and I'll be there too. Time goes by way too fast.

Mindy said...

He can't possibly be that old can he? Time sure dies fly. Congrats Tanner!

tj01 said...

Congratulations Tanner! Wow! We are all so proud of you. What a good example you are to your little brothers. Keep it up.

natalie said...

WHAT??? A new post, not that I should talk. I'm so happy for you two and Tanner. Tanner is definitely a good kid. He has many good things coming his way. Is he taller than Mel in that pic? Hey, post some pictures of your house. Your decor looks good, from what little I can see.

Grandma Shauna said...

I was so bummed that I wasn't able to be there. Hopefully I'll be in better shape when you are ordained a Priest. So proud of you Tanner.