Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tanners trip to San Diego with the Blocker Family

Tanner had the opportunity this last week for a last rendezvous before school started. He went to San Diego with The Blocker Family. The Blockers are such a great family. He is actually the bishop of our ward. They have 6 kids, 5 are boys.
Before we moved to Chino Hills I was "shopping" for a ward. I found Bishop Blockers name and number on and gave them a call. Sister Blocker called and said that she had 6 kids, 5 were boys, and 3 were in Young Mens. SOLD!!!
Tanner has the greatest friends in our ward. We feel so grateful to be here.


Grandma Shauna said...

Looks like Tanner had a great mini vacation to San Diego. He's had quite the summer.