Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ice Cream Truck

So we have the same ice cream truck that drives by our house in the late afternoon EVERY DAY! Yes, here in sunny CA, it's EVERY DAY. Ty and ice cream do not mix. Yes, he loves it. But he generally only eates a few bites and then loses interest. So needless to say, I try and avoid the truck. I have to admit that sometimes he'll hear the music and say,
"Hey Mom, ya hear that?" and I reply, "No bud, I don't hear it."
I know, I'm terrible.
Anyway, this particular afternoon Isaac was sleeping and I thought, "What the heck". He was so excited which made me feel guilty for not doing this sooner. But then when he only took 2 bites of his ice cream and was done. I felt a lot better....