Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Tennessee Christmas

The trip started with Miss Cara Ann's baptism.
What an awesome girl Cara is!
I had the opportunity to speak at her baptism.  It was such an honor to be able to do that :)

 Dressed for Church.
Ty and Isaac were soo tired that I opted not to take them to church to listen to them cry for an hour.
I wanted to enjoy :)

Christmas Morning opening gifts.
As always, totally spoiled kids!

Greg got to check out Beale St in downtown Memphis.
It was fun to have him see the sights!
The boys and I had already been.
We ate at a fish fry place.  I've never consumed a meal with so much grease in all my life!
How sad that Evan is so much younger than Isaac and yet his exact size.
Cute cousins!
Of course we had to take a trip to Target to get out and about.
Isaac is sportin' this super cool hat.

So fun!  So exhausted!
Tanner found Isaac asleep in the closet.
That's sayin' something because Isaac doesn't usually fall asleep ANYWHERE
except his bed...

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to Memphis and thanks Nicole and Dave for hosting an awesome vacation!
We love and cherish ANY and ALL the time we get to spend with family.