Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Downtown Disney

Here the kids are at Downtown Disney.
Never a dull moment...Always having fun!

At the Lego Store.
Spent a LOT of time there.

Walkin' around.  Checkin' out the sights.

Right before we got to dinner there was a total down
We ran and got to the restaurant before we got totally drenched.
Here is Ty watching the rain from the balcony of the restaurant.
Poor Aaron and Angela were in the thick of it.
We ate at The House of Blues.
It was absolutely delicious!

After dinner.  Family picture by the lake.
Everything is just so pretty!

Saw what there was to see.
Boys were done window shopping.
Another fun night with the Hooper Clan!


Reeses Pieces said...

Wow you were quick on blogging about the trip. Faster than me. That's a miracle haha! I find myself getting homesick for the cruise all the time. What an awesome vacation.