Monday, August 27, 2012

2012-2013 First Day of School

 Tanner is starting his first day of his sophomore year! Where did the time go? He's so handsome! We couldn't ask for a better kid!

Ty's first day of his second year of pre-school. He could hardly wait. This past week before school went painfully slow for the both of us! You can't tell but he's carrying a batman lunchbox and totally loves it!

When I pulled up this morning after going to bootcamp I opened my car door and heard, "Mom!  It's Monday!"

I looked up to see Ty standing in my bedroom window.  I wonder how long he had been waiting there for me to come home.  SO EXCITED!!!!

Poor little Isaac is too little for school. He has his backpack on and he's ready to go but will be very sad when we pull away from the school with him still in the car :(