Friday, April 18, 2008

The Lightweight Champion of the World

Here is our new baby boy! Enjoy these pics. I am going to add a lot more later on. He is sweet sauce and we love him so much! This is the craziest thing I have been a part of. (This is Greg posting.) He has a lot of Hooper and a lot of Markham in him, but we are relieved he doesn't look purple anymore. I thought we were having a baby, and then a little purple man came out. Right when he came out his hand was up along the side of his face and shoulder. I instantly thought he was trying to 'brush his shoulder off' like Kobe Bryant does sometimes in games, or like Jay-Z sings about. "If you're feeling like a pimp Tyson, go and brush your shoulders off."
He is so awesome. I am holding him right now as I blog and I am just thinking about how I have added a new person to my all-star list. You made the cut Tyson Gregory. You are a huge blessing and we are so stoked to have you. We would have been more excited if you would've come sooner, but we know your old man is a procrastinator too. We'll just have to nurture that right out of you, so surfing lessons this summer bud. No time to waste.


KATE said...

I'm glad he's not purple anymore either! It's funny how different they can look when they first come out!
he's gorgeous & I just can't wait to love him up!!
Congrats again!!

Ms. Wahlen said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to hold him. Love ya