Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nope- No Baby Yet.

Can you believe it??? I know that today is my due date and I'm not technically over or anything but everyone I know who was supposed to have their baby either the same time or after me has had their baby! What's up with that? SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!
I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and I'm hoping he'll induce me sometime within the next couple of days. If he tells me he'll see me next week at my "weekly appointment" my response will be, "I'll see you at your funeral tomorrow!" LOL!!! Just kidding, my doctor is great. I have to give it to OBGYN's, what a time-consuming, minute-by-minute job!
Let me just say I am soo grateful that I'm able to have a baby and that both of us are healthy! So I know I have no room to complain. It's just been an emotional couple of weeks. I've learned I am a very "steady" person. I don't like the unknown or the ups and downs in life. I just like things steady and predictable. Therefore, this is teaching me huge lessons! Hopefully this isn't a preview of what this kid is going to teach me the rest of my life ;)
So I'll leave it at that and tune in tomorrow for an update-


brittanimae said...

Ugh! So sorry Alyson--I hope that little one gets here soon. It's awful waiting to kiss those amazing, fat cheeks!

Jill said...

That stinks! I went a week early with Easton and was still miserable and ready to I can imagine you are really ready!! We are so excited to see little Greg Markham...Oh, and thanks for keeping me up on the Wahlen family happenings..I had no idea there was a reunion in July but we will be there! Say hi to Tanner and Greg for me! Hopefully Ty comes soon!

Ginger said...

I swear! I thought you were due before Angela so as I was taking time off of blogging, I kept wondering if you had your baby yet. And I must say, even in the depths of misery you're still so positive and aware of other people! I'm so impressed! I was soooo not lovin life that whole last month. It's almost over! I'm with you on the whole unexpected thing, especially with the second time cause you compare it to the first and it's somehow not the same. Anyways - I will pray for you tonight that your doctor will have mercy and induce you tomorrow or that the cute little guy will decide to come on his own tonight!