Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ty's Birthday Story

It all started at 5:30 this morning. Greg and I got up and got ready hoping and praying there would be room in the hospital for us this morning so we could go in and I could be indouced. I made 9 batches of jam last night and thought that might put me into labor alone, but no such luck! So we called the hospital and the nurse said to leave as soon as we could.
We arrived about 7:40 and they took me to a room and got me started. Unfortunately they tried and missed a couple of times to give me an I.V. Third times a charm and we were ready to rock and roll. We had a nurse in training named Rachael and she was the best! I couldn't have asked for a better nurse! Your nurse can make all the difference in what kind of experience you have.
So I started at a 3 and progressed to a 5 within a couple of hours. The contractions were coming stronger and more consistent but I the anasthesiologist was busy with a c-section. At the rate I was going I could have had the baby prettt quick. Well I had no interest in having the baby natural so the nurse stopped the patosin and gave me some pain medication called Nubain. Within minutes I felt like my head was going to explode the stuff was so strong.
I was able to get my epidural and Grandma, Grandpa and Tanner showed up and everything was ready to go! Well Ty's heart rate was dropping and we had to stop the patosin again. Nobody knows for sure why but I'm guessing it was from the Nubain. It had such a bad affect on me I'm sure it's what affected him and made his heart rate drop. So now I was getting stressed out and upset because his heart rate was dropping. I wasn't cold but couldn't stop shaking for a couple of hours. I was so worried about his heart and everything going okay. It was a hard couple of hours.
Well his heart rate was under control so they started the patosin again. He was doing great this time and within a half hour or so it was time to get things wrapped up! After 4 or 5 sets of 3 or 4 pushes he was here!!!!
I couldn't believe how purple he was! He was screaming and yelling! He was mad!!!! He was weighed and my jaw almost hit the floor when they announced he was 8lbs 2oz. That's a big baby in my opinion! I couldn't take my eyes of him. I was kinda in total shock that he was here. You wait for this moment for so long and when it hits, it seems almost surreal.
I still can't believe what a miracle life is...We were so glad to have him here! I am so grateful that he is was healthy and everything went as smoothly as it did! We are truly blessed!